Please Note: Some of my work prior to Summer 2016 appears under the name “Timothy Connor Dailey.”




Imagined Subtext from My First Invitation to a Bachelor Party.” (Published with original artwork, pictured.)

Sybil, January 10, 2019





“For Selena.”
Opossum, Issue 3, Fall 2017.
[Print issue available here.]




Two poems: “Tradition,”
and “Heliocentrism.”
The Chicon Street Poets 2017 Anthology, October 2017.
[Available at BookPeople and Amazon.]



Us For President, Issue 3. July 2017.



“Prometheus and Pandora.”
North American Review, Vol. 302, No. 2. Spring 2017
[Print issue available here.]





Two poems: “In a Motel Room by the Highway,”
and “Missing the Perseid Meteor Shower Again.”
300 Days of Sun, Vol. 1, Iss. 4. Spring 2017.





Two poems: “Three Vignettes for the Nativity of the Virgin Mary,”
and “If Ye Will Lay Hold Upon Every Good Thing and Condemn It Not.”
The St. Sebastian Review, Vol. 6, Iss. 1. Spring 2016.
[PDF of issue]

And at the Hour.”
Pilgrim: A Journal of Catholic Experience, April 2013.

Every Day Poets, February 6, 2013.

Fragment: Abel.”
Every Day Poets, January 27, 2013.



Ten poems, including “I Shouldn’t be Allowed to Have a Cell Phone.”
Assaracus, Issue 09. January 2013.
[Print issue available here.]



Stars, They Say, Aren’t Like Us.”
Every Day Poets, December 13, 2012.

Pilgrim: A Journal of Catholic Experience, December 2012.

I Dreamed You as Delilah.”
Every Day Poets, November 30, 2012.